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You find us in Recco

No gh’è sabbo sensa sö, no gh’è figgia sensa amö, no gh’è cheu sensa dö.
There isn’t saturday without sun, there isn’t girl without love, there isn’t heart without pain.


The Bubble Lounge Diving Center is located in Recco, a small Mariners town about 20 kilometers from Genova. The Diving Center operates between the gorgeous scenery of Golfo Paradiso and Golfo del Tigullio, on the Portofino coast.

Encompassing the panoramic area of the sea in front of Mount Portofino, including the underwater portion of the Promontory, this protected marine area offers a unique environment for the underwater study of the sea floor, and its steep vertical walls and cliffs. The astonishing abundance and variety of marine life makes it one of the best diving locations in Italy.


  • Big changing rooms, with bathrooms and hot showers 6
  • A convenient area for the storage of equipment
  • Refill of bottles (Air and Nitrox)
  • Electric cart to transport the equipment from Diving to the embarkation point (100 meters)
  • Wide parking adjacent to the Diving for easy loading and unloading of your equipment
  • Caddy service for the transport of equipment for those who decide to reach Recco by bus

Repair and Review of Diving Equipment

You can also request the Review Service and Repair of your equipment (regulators, wetsuits and jackets). We work with professionals and we will be able to return your equipment repaired at your next visit to the diving or send it directly to your home.

PADI courses are available at the Diving Center including everything from the introductory “Bubble Maker” (for children) to “Divemaster” (any age). Many services and comforts are offered, including transportation provided from the parking lot to the Dive Center by coach bus, hot showers, a rinse area and comfortable drying stands to secure your clothing.

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