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When my thoughts are anxious, uneasy and bad, I go by the sea, and the sea drowns them and sends them away with its great wide sounds, purifies them with its noise and imposes a rhythm on everything in me it is disoriented and confused.
(Rainer Maria Rilke)

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At Bubble Lounge Diving you will find experienced and competent staff that can help you to discover the beauty of this sport in total enjoyment and safety conditions

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BLD Staff | Home page


Discover our services. We offer a complete ecosystem of services to best enjoy the excursions and companionship. Our experts can support you for every need.

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Everything starts from here. We offer diving courses. The most effective set of diving courses suitable to meet the needs of beginner, intermediate and expert.

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Why Bubble Lounge

  • Kindness and professionalism from a passionate and skilled staff
  • Over 20 years of experience in the diving industry and water sports
  • All the support for planning your path toward or sporting development
  • A network of tourist organization unique in Italy
  • The expertise of more than 10 professionals who will guide you towards the achievement of any certification